How To Become a CMA In India and USA – Complete Details

Become CMA India, USA – Complete Details( Steps involved)

 Become CMA India, USA – Complete Details( Steps involved) – Full details. Here we are providing Full Details for How to become a CMA in India and in USA, We are providing all details like Steps involved in becoming a CMA, How to Apply for internship, Approach IMA through a registered institute, Apply for Membership, Apply for a full-time job as a financial manager or a management accounting etc, Now you can scroll down below and complete details regarding “How to Become a CMA in India and USA

 Become CMA India, USA – Complete Details( Steps involved)

How to Become a CMA in India and USA

Certified Management Accountant [CMA – US] is a boon to all those who are pursuing CA ,CMA ,CS in India. Here I am discussing how this course is an advantage to the aspirants of CA ,CS ,CMA .

Certified Management Accountant (US) is a professional who works for different types of business organizations to maintain a well versed financial and managerial policies that contributes to the growth of business. Many people in India know about CPA of US which is like CA in India. But some of them are unaware of CMA (US). CMA offers an extraordinary career growing opportunities in abroad especially for those who are planning to work in US with good values, earnings.They can command high amount of salaries like 50 lakhs and above.

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Steps involved in becoming a CMA:

1. Complete your graduation in accounting or finance or economics:

Make sure your program includes an emphasison business studies, such business law, management, marketing and taxation. Many people who are interested in working in the business finance world pursue a double major in business and finance,or they get a minor in business administration. EX: ,Bba ,Bbm ,Ba etc., this is not exhaustive list of examples.
Most of the CA students are pursuing their graduation in distance education or through open university.This is also eligible for applying for CMA. That’s why I said that this is an advantage to CA, CS students.

2. Apply for internship:

Like articleship in CA ,the CMA also has a rule in its curriculum that the applicant should have work experience. Accounting or finance internships give you real world experience and help you to network, a skill necessary when seeking any business position.
The greatest advantage to CA students is ” Articleship is considered as equivalent to internship that’s required to be completed in CMA”.

 3. Approach IMA through a registered institute :

Next you have to register with IMA for getting permission to attend the examination conducted by IMA of US.
Logic institute of management studies is providing students all the guidance and classes to cover syllabus globally. You can contact the indian branch of Logic institute of management studies and go forward.

4. Apply for Membership:

After qualifying the examinations conducted by IMA you are required to apply for the membership to continue your career in this profession.

5. Apply for a full-time job as a financial manager or a management accounting:

After obtaining the membership you can apply for different kinds of jobs in the industrial and service sector.You can easily get a job in US without waiting for a long.Before applying for job you need to prove that you have worked in the fields of accounting ,finance ,management at least for 2 years.

“You can complete this 2-year work experience after you take the exam as well. Once you are a CMA candidate, you have 7 years to submit proof of your financial management experience.”.


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