Things to check when you are on a Stock Audit

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What is Stock Audit ?

Stock audit, in general usage is considered as an important auditing term which refers to the physical verification of the inventory. However at times, it may also involve the valuation of the inventory but it would depend on the terms of reference or the engagement letter of the assignment. When heading forward, it is important to remember and keep in consideration the purpose for which the audit is being conducted because different audits may have different approach which would ultimately depend on the aim.

In other words, stock audit is a statutory process which every business institution needs to perform at least once in a financial year. As far the stock audit process is concerned, the process mainly involves the counting of physical stock presenting the specified premises and verifying the same with computed stock maintained by the company. The reason and purpose behind executing this is to correct the discrepancies present in the book stock when compared to physical stock by passing necessary adjustment entries.

Things to check when you are on a Stock Audit.

  • As a matter of first importance, you should read the arrangement of the report which you need to submit. Ensure you see each part of the configuration and then you ought to continue towards the review.
  • Read the Sanction Letter of the Bank and discover the utmost of the borrower whose stock is being reviewed by you.
  • Additionally, if required you can acquire a duplicate of the same for your records.
  • Ensure you securely safeguard all you’re working papers even after the consummation of the report.
  • You ought to have an essential learning of the sort of action attempted by the customer. On the off chance that you are ignorant about the same, you can get the points of interest from the branch office of the bank.
  • Likewise, you should gather data about all the sister worries of the customer and the kind of business in which they are locked in.
  • You ought to know about the idea of merchandise exchanged and the unit in which it is measured.
  • It might here and there not be conceivable to tally the stock totally. Around then, you ought to be sufficiently cautious to take appropriate approximations.
  • You should likewise read about the guarantee security offered by the customer.
  • In the event that they have any Bank Guarantees or Letter of Credits, ensure you have appropriate data about the same.
  • Valuation Report by the Authorized Valuer ought to likewise be looked into by you.
  • A large portion of the banks have the arrangement to acquire stock proclamations intermittently. Ensure the same have been provided by the customer. You can convey a duplicate of the same to the customer put so you can evaluate their normal stock.
  • Additionally, You ought to have general data about the wellbeing stock, Economic Order Quantity, and so on.
  • You ought to likewise note insights about dead stock, moderate moving stock, and so on.
  • You ought to likewise check whether there is a legitimate protection cover over the stock and it is reestablished at appropriate interims.
  • Likewise, you need a look on the book obligations of the customer.
  • For this, you can meet the representatives of the customer and find out the idea of obligations, what is their typical credit period and normal awful obligations rate and so forth and ensure they are inside the Bank’s for the most part acknowledged approaches.
  • You likewise need to review the banks and the time of holding they give the customer. This will likewise help you to dissect the noteworthiness of the customer, its liquidity, and so forth.
  • When you are finished with the checking part, you should move towards the estimation part.
  • You have to make the counts whether the best possible edge is kept up, according to the bank’s standards.
  • Subsequent to finishing this, you may move towards the detailing part.
  • There might be different statutory compliances which the customer needs to take after, ensure the same is by and large consistently went along by the customer.
  • The above is likewise an announcing necessity for some, stock review reports.
  • Likewise, ensure your report is finished in all angles and submitted at the correct time.

Stock Audit Procedure and Services in India

The stock review technique and administrations in India is wherever the same. We have exceedingly experienced and all around prepared stock review experts that can offer you quality outcomes and yield as well as in the meantime, help you proposing for the controlling of cost of the stocks. Stock review offers you extraordinary advantages.

Here are a couple of recorded key advantages of stock review advantages of stock review :

  1. Coordinate effect on expenses and main concern
  2. Counteract pilferage and misrepresentation
  3. Distinguishes moderate moving stock, out of date stock, dead stock and scrap
  4. Outsider free conclusion, particularly for specialist distribution centers
  5. Recognizes hole in current stock administration process
  6. Empower precise valuation of stock

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