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  1. Reasonable expected rent will be higher of the following:

    Municipal value of the property (Note 1); or
    Fair rent of the property (Note 2).

    If a property is covered under Rent Control Act, then the reasonable expected rent cannot exceed standard rent (Note 3).

    Note 1: Meaning of Municipal Value

    For collection of municipal taxes, local authorities make periodic survey of all buildings in their jurisdiction. Such value determined by the municipal authorities in respect of a property, is called as municipal value of the property.

    Note 2: Meaning of Fair Rent

    It is the reasonable expected rent which the property can fetch. It can be determined on the basis of rent fetched by a similar property in the same or similar locality.

    Note 3: Meaning of Standard Rent

    It is the maximum rent which a person can legally recover from his tenant under the Rent Control Act. Standard rent is applicable only in case of properties covered under Rent Control Act.

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