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  1. Enter “PAN’, Aadhaar Number, Name as per Aadhaar and Captcha Code and click on ‘Link Aadhaar”.
    After submitting these details, a success message is displayed confirming the linking of Aadhaar number with PAN. A confirmation email is also sent to the registered email id of the person.

    Please ensure that the date of birth, Gender and Aadhaar number is per Aadhaar details.
    If date of Birth and Gender fully match and Name as per Aadhaar is not exactly matching then user has to additionally provide Aadhaar OTP to proceed with partial Name Matching.
    If Your Aadhaar is already linked with PAN with Same name and want to verify the correctness, the alert message will be displayed on to the screen “Your PAN is already linked to the Aadhaar Number”

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