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  1. A person covered by section 44AB should get his accounts audited and should obtain the audit report on or before the due date of filing of the return of income, i.e., on or before 30th September (*) of the relevant assessment year, e.g., Tax audit report for the financial year 2015-16 corresponding to the assessment year 2016-17 should be obtained on or before 30th September, 2016.
    (*) In case of a taxpayer who is required to furnish a report in Form No. 3CEB​​ under section 92​ in respect of any international transaction or specified domestic transaction, the due date of filing the return of income is 30th November of the relevant assessment year.
    ​The tax audit report is to be electronically filed by the chartered accountant to the Income-tax Department. After filing of report by the chartered accountant, the taxpayer has to approve the report from his e-fling account with Income-tax Department (i.e., at

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