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  1. As per Rule 9 of Capital Gain Accounts Scheme, 1988, the procedure of withdrawal from Capital Gain Account Scheme is as follows:

    Withdrawal from Account-A

    Amount can be withdrawn from Account-A at any time after making initial subscription by depositing Form C along with the pass book in the deposit office.

    For any withdrawal from Account-A, other than initial withdrawal, a depositor needs to apply in Form D in duplicate. The details regarding the manner and extent of utilization of the amount of immediately preceeding withdrawal are as follows:-

    Withdrawal from Account -B

    A depositor intending to withdraw the amount from Account-B, shall first transfer the amount in his Account-B to Account-A and withdraw the amount in the same manner as is specified for Account-A. Manner of transfer and conversion of deposit account are prescribed under the Rule 7 of Capital Gain Accounts Scheme,1988.

    Depositor having the deposit account B may apply in Form-B along with deposit receipts and details of deposit account A for transfer of the amount standing to credit in deposit account B. In case depositor has not opened deposit account A, depositor has also to request for opening deposit account A along with Form B.

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